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About Me

My physiotherapy career started with a Bachelor in Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University, followed by a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Toronto. I place high value on continuous learning and therefore have also become certified in Medical Contemporary Acupuncture as well as obtaining my Sport Physiotherapy Diploma. In addition, I have completed several courses in acute concussion and post-concussion syndrome.  I am currently the lead of the integrated support team for Nordiq National Development Team based here in Thunder Bay, as well as providing sideline coverage for several SSSAA high school sports. Not into sports? Don’t worry I have extensive experience working with people of all ages and activity levels and use this in combination with my continuing education to diagnose the problem and get you back to your lifestyle as quickly as possible.


Getting to the Why 

I have the unique education of Neurokinetic Therapy and am Level 3 certified. NKT has helped develop my philosophy of looking to address the whole person, not just the injury, to help ensure long-lasting results. It is my goal to get to the underlying cause or ‘why’ of the injury, and not just treat the symptoms themselves. I want you to be an active player in your recovery, to help you feel independent and in control.

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